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About Us

Benacus Entertainment

Benacus Entertainment is an American independent production company founded and owned by Seth Michaels and Sara Sometti Michaels. Based in Atlanta (GA), the company specializes in the development and production of high-quality indie Feature Films, Documentaries and scripted and unscripted TV Pilots. Our reputation for completing on-time, and within budget, is hard to match.

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The Team

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Seth Michaels

CEO | Producer

Seth Michaels has been in the Entertainment industry for over 25 years. He Started his career as an actor. After relocating to Atlanta from Los Angeles where he lived for 17 Years, he opened his own Production company with his producing partner Sara Sometti Michaels, Benacus Entertainment, where they have been producing feature films and TV pilots.

In the past 6 years they have produced over 22 projects with 12 more on the pipeline at different development stages. Seth has both American and Italian citizenship, speaks 4 languages and has traveled to 37 countries.

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Sara Sometti Michaels

CEO | Producer

Born and Raised in Verona, Italy, Sara Sometti Michaels started her career in the entertainment industry as an actress.
After relocating to Los Angeles in 2008, Sara started creating and producing her own content starting with short films and webisodes. It wasn't until 2015 that she produced her first script St. Agatha, directed by Master of Horror Darren Lynn Bousman from the Saw franchise. St. Agatha was released in theaters in the US, Canada, and in over 60 Countries around the world.

Sara produced a slate of 12 feature films between 2020 and 2021, some as a freelance producer and some for Benacus Entertainment. Sara’s second script I’ll Be Watching was produced by Benacus Entertainment 2021 and is currently being sold worldwide.

She recently produced the revenge drama, Double Down South, written and directed by Academy Award Winning Tom Schulman (Dead Poets Society, Medicine Man, Honey I Shrunk the Kids) which will be released in 2023 and a thriller currently titled Walden, starring Emile Hirsch, which is currently in post-production.

Sara is currently developing a variety of feature films and tv shows for Benacus Entertainment.

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