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I'll Be Watching | 2023

90 min   |   Sci-Fi Thriller

After losing her beloved sister, Julie is struggling to get her life back suffocated by guilt. Murcus, Julie's husband, buys a house in the country side in the hope for a new fresh start for Julie and them as a couple. Not even the time to get settle in and Marcus has to take a business trip. Julie fears to be left home alone, in this new house, in the middle of nowhere, far away from anybody she knows. After all the killer that murdered he sister might be looking for her. Marcus reassures Julie that she will be safe with the top-notch security system he had developed and installed.

While alone strange phenomena happen and continue to increase in frequency and severity and as time passes, Julie gets more convinced that the killer is having fun driving her insane, before killing her like her sister.
As she makes the decision to live that place and Marcus, her worst nightmare is coming alive, while the mysterious puppet master keeps having fun playing a sick game of psychological torture.

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